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If your pet or beloved animal friend could speak, what would he or she want to tell you? Would it be meaningful for you to be able to “have a conversation” with the soul of your beloved animal?

If you have lost a pet or animal friend, or want to connect with your current pet, I can help. Animal Readings are now here! Together we can converse with your animal, learn about his/her purpose in your life, about his/her personal life journey, and about your two souls’ connection through lifetimes.

Your animal will have an important message to share with you, or maybe you have one for him/her.

The wisdom that they have for you is extraordinary! Why did they choose you to incarnate with? What was their purpose? What were they there to help you with. The answer to these questions are fascinating – illuminating – and can bring great peace and understanding for you.

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Looking for clarity and insight?

During a Psychic Reading, I attune to what’s happening in your life now as well as your life plan inviting in, through Creator, wisdom and guidance from your Guides and Angels. In this reading, ancestors that have messages will make themselves present too.

What is important will come forward for you. What is causing you angst or uncertainty will be illuminated bringing peace with what you already know and further knowing for your future. All the knowledge is within you, let’s bring it forward now!

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The soul knows exactly what it’s doing and why. Imagine having access to the understanding of your soul and to learning why your life is the way it is.

I am now offering “Soul-Speak” readings, during which you can to do just that!

Many times in our lives, we ask the question “why?…why has this happened in my life, or why hasn’t that happened?” Perhaps we wonder what the deeper and larger meaning of our personal path is, yet we don’t quite know how to access this information. Together we can connect you to your soul’s wisdom, to the knowing and guidance that it has within you, about you…opening and deepening your connection to Self and your life purpose.

Our Soul is that internal GPS that whispers to us all the time.

A Soul Speaks session is channeled directly from my Guides who connect with your spiritual support team. They bring your Soul’s knowing and wisdom and defining where you’re at in your life purpose, what you have accomplished and what is next. You’ll be able to ask questions about what you’ve placed ahead of you. While your day to day future isn’t cast in stone, the vibrational understanding that your Soul desires IS. Understanding what that is can be so supportive to your experience. 

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 In a ThetaHealing session, we’ll examine an issue that you choose to look at. We’ll discuss the experience that you are having and I will do an intuitive reading, through the theta brain wave to Creator of All That Is – that divine intelligence that runs through everything. With the understanding that you give me and with what I’m being told intuitively, we’ll examine the beliefs and perceptions that are effecting you. These can come from your lifetime now – we made up many beliefs, often based in survival instincts, as a small child and store them in the subconscious where they became part of your “plan of existence”.  You’ve inherited beliefs from your parents, your culture, your ancestors and from the group consciousness such as “life is hard”. We have lots of sayings around that – “you must work hard to succeed”, “life is a struggle”. Then using ThetaHealing® techniques, together, we’ll work on releasing the beliefs so that they no longer affect your experience in life..

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THETAHEALING COURSES  –  Payment plans are available and some scholarships are offered for each class. Please inquire directly.

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