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We all have an internal GPS that whispers to us all the time. That whisper is from our Soul – our spirit. It has a different vibration from our thoughts. It’s always showing us the way to our best life.

What I do in a Soul Speaks session, is to connect with your Soul and bring forward where you’re at in your life’s journey and your purpose for this life. You’ll be able to ask questions to gain your Soul’s perspective on what you have accomplished so far and what exploration you have placed in your life line ahead of you. While your day to day future isn’t cast in stone, the vibrational understanding that you, your Soul, desired IS infused in this life’s timeline. Understanding what that is can be so supportive to your experience. 


 In a ThetaHealing session, we’ll examine an issue that you choose to look at. We’ll discuss the experience that you are having and I will do an intuitive reading, through the theta brain wave to Creator of All That Is – that divine intelligence that runs through everything. With the understanding that you give me and with what I’m being told intuitively, we’ll examine the beliefs and perceptions that are effecting you. These can come from your lifetime now – we made up many beliefs, often based in survival instincts, as a small child and store them in the subconscious where they became part of your “plan of existence”.  You’ve inherited beliefs from your parents, your culture, your ancestors and from the group consciousness such as “life is hard”. We have lots of sayings around that – “you must work hard to succeed”, “life is a struggle”. Then using ThetaHealing® techniques, together, we’ll work on releasing the beliefs so that they no longer affect your experience in life..

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